Marimekko Fabric

Marimekko is a Finnish textile and clothing design company renowned for its original prints and colours.

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Marimekko fabric Huhuli 066234.520


Marimekko fabric Huhuli 066234.520 cotton fabric

Marimekko fabric Tomaattitarha linen 066239.130


Marimekko Tomaattitarha 066239.130 cotton Linen fabric 145cm wide.

Marimekko fabric Kranssi 066152.920


Marimekko fabric Kranssi 066152.920 Heavyweight Cotton

Marimekko Kuuskajaskari linen 920


Marimekko Kuuskajaskari linen 065959.920 Moody atmospheric blue fabric from Marimekko weather range, unsettled sk...

Marimekko Kuuskajaskari linen fabric 560


Marimekko Kuuskajaskari linen fabric 65959.560 abstract grasses blowing in the wind with blue sky.   &...

Marimekko fabric Taapeli 065939.197


Marimekko fabric Taapeli 065939.197 Abstract pattern designed by Jenni Yuominen

Marimekko fabric Vatruska white/black


Marimekko fabric Vatruska, black and white heavy weight cotton, sold by the running metre

Marimekko fabric Vuohenputki 065951.320


Marimekko fabric Vuohenputki 065951.320 this pretty fabric is like an abstact watercolour painting of flowers and...

Marimekko fabric pieni Unikko 65205.820


Marimekko fabric Pieni Unikko 65205.82 late summer and autumn colours burnt orange, pink and brown 100% cotton fa...

Marimekko fabric Isoisan 065938.640


Marimekko fabric Isoisan 065938.640 Green trees with lime green background

Marimekko fabric Isoisan Puutarha 065938.560


Marimekko fabric Isoisan Puutarha 065938.560 Green,pink and blue trees on a dark blue background

Marimekko fabric Sadonkorjuu 065938.670


Marimekko fabric Sadonkorjuu 065938.670. Blue, green trees on a turquiose background.

Marimekko fabric Kompotti multi


Marimekko fabric Kompotti heavyweight cotton . sold in running metres  

Marimekko Art fabric Samum


Marimekko multi coloured art fabric Sarum a fantastic abstract .145 x 194cm

Marimekko fabric Korona 065847.170


Marimekko Korona 065847.170 Linen fabric designed by Jenni Tuominen

Marimekko fabric Laika 065801.650 Sale

£25.00 £39.00
Saving 36%

Marimekko fabric 065801.650 heavyweight cotton suitable for curtains and blinds. Sold by the running metre

Marimekko fabric Mehilaispesa 120


Mehilaispesa cotton fabric designed my Maija & Kristina Isola and inspiration taken from a Finish beehive. Wi...

Marimekko fabric Kevatjuhla 63004.19


Marimekko Ketvatjuhla.063004.190 This fabric makes a fantastic wallhanging or curtain depicting a group of Cows a

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