Iittala Mari Bowls

Colourful Mari bowls have been in production since the founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, used them in her famous garden parties at Bökärs. They have become appreciated gifts and collector’s items, remaining popular from year to year. Suitable both for serving and as an decorational object.

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Maribowl 155mm apple green


Iittala Mari bowl 155mm Apple green

MariBowl 155mm green Sale

£15.00 £25.00
Saving 40%

Maribowl Rose Olive 155mm


Maribowl 155mm  Rose Olive made by iittala

Maribowl Rio Brown 155mm Sale

£25.00 £45.00
Saving 44%

Maribowl 155mm Riobrown

Maribowl 155mm pale pink Sale

£25.00 £49.00
Saving 49%

Maribowl 155mm pale pink

Maribowl 155mm Lavender Sale

£39.00 £49.00
Saving 20%

Maribowl Lavender 155mm

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