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Moomin mug. Going on Vacation


Moomin mug. Going on Vacation Arabia ceramic mug 0.3L . Limited edition summer mug 2018  

Moomin Mug Hattifatners


Hattifatteners are ghost like creatures that move silently in large groups. They are only interested in travelling, all...

Moomin Mug Tootickey


Too-ticky is a dear friend of the Moomintroll family,  quick and reliable with lots of common sense. Too-ticky is very c...

Moomin Inspector Mug


Moomin Inspector mug

Moomin Mug Christmas suprise 2009


Moomin Christmas Suprise mug 2009. ceramic mug. Arabia Finland collectors item

Moomin Summer mug . Rose garden. 0.3l


Moomin sunmmer mug 2010 Rose Garden. Rare mug collectors item

Moomin Mug Groke


The Groke mug from Iittala Finland

Moomin Skiing competition 2010


Mooimin mug Skining Competition Limtied edition mug for Christmas 2010

Moomin mug  Winter games 2011


Moomin mug 2011 Christmas mug Winter games. Limited edition    

Moomin mug Sniff


Sniff is Moomintrolls  friend Moomin mugs are made in the Arabia factory in Helsinki  Finland

Moomin Mug Primadonna's horse 2012


The Primadonna Mug limited edition for summer 2012.    

Moomin mug Mymble's mother


The Mymble is a description given to two different characters in the Moomin books and comic strips by Finnish author Tove Jansso...

Moomin mug Snorkmaiden pink


Snorkmaiden Mug Pink. 0.3cl

Moomin mug Adventure Move


Moomin mug Move 2. Adventure Mug  

Moomin mug Under the Tree 2013


Under the tree Moomin Christmas mug 2013.

Moomin mug Tove's jubilee with Spec's


Moomin mug Tove's jubilee mug with glasses.      

Moominpapa mug. Deep blue


Moominpapa mug. Deep blue colour.Moominpapa in his sailing boat

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