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Moomin Skiing competition 2010


Mooimin mug Skining Competition Limtied edition mug for Christmas 2010

Moomin mug Under the Tree 2013


Under the tree Moomin Christmas mug 2013.

Moomin mug Hibernation. Christmas 2015


Mooin mug Hibernation. Christmas 2015

Moomin mug Snowhorse 2016


Moomin Christmas mug 2016 Snow horse

Moomin mini mugs Snowhorse


Moomin mini mugs Snowhorse

Moomin mug Spring winter


Moomin mug Spring winter Christmas 2017

Moomin mini mug Spring Winter


Moomin mini mugs Spring Winter These mugs are Decoration not for drinking  Christmas 2017

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