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Moomin Inspector Mug


Moomin Inspector mug

Moomin Winter Forest Mug 2012


Moomin limited edition Christmas mug Winter Forest and depicts Moomin Papa with an axe and Little Mye with a Rein

Moomin mug Snorkmaiden pink


Snorkmaiden Mug Pink. 0.3cl

Moomin mug Snorkmaiden and The Poet 2013


Snorkmaiden and the poet, Moomin summer mug 2013  

Moomin mug Tove's jubilee with Spec's


Moomin mug Tove's jubilee mug with glasses.      

Moomin mug Siesta 2009


Moomin summer mug Siesta 2009 rare collectors mug

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